TETRIS classic (NES)

I) Format

8-Hour Qualifying Round on Saturday, with a TOP FOUR Double Elimination Tournament for Four Highest Scorers at 8 a.m. on Sunday.

II) Software/Hardware: 8-bit Nintendo Tetris (not Tengen).

  • Controllers: You are allowed to bring your own original standard unmodified NES controller.

III) Qualifying Round (Saturday, November 18)

  • Qualifying round will be held on Saturday in the Lost Ark Kiost area at 4 NES Stations from 10AM-8:00PM.

  • First Attempt is FREE with Saturday Day Pass, Weekend Convention Pass (Mushroom), or Weekend Tournament Pass (Star). First attempt includes a Five Minute Warm-Up. If player continues playing beyond Five Minute Warm Up Window, this will count as the official attempt at hitting a high score.

  • Additional Attempts are $1 each. Entrants can make as many qualifying attempts as they are wiling to pay and stand in line for. NES stations will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Qualifying attempts will be on type A Tetris for highest score starting on level 9 or higher.

  • Once an entrant’s game is over for any reason, they must make sure their score is recorded by a scorekeeper and then return to the back of the line for another attempt.

  • The Qualifying Round will determine the seeding of a four-person tournament bracket for the Main Event on Sunday.

IV) Main Event (Sunday, Oct. 22nd)

A Four-Person tournament bracket will be created from the top four qualifying scores. With Seed 1 playing seed 3, seed 2 playing seed 4. With standard format of higher seeds gaining advantage throughout the tree.

  1. Each match consists of up to 3 games. First player to win 2 games wins the match and proceeds to the next round.

  2. The higher-seeded player in each match will choose the starting level of 15 or 18 for game 1. The lower seed will choose for game 2, and if necessary, the higher seed will choose for game 3. (Starting level during rounds 2-5 will always be 18).

  3. Once the starting level is chosen, the ref will roll dice to determine the piece sequence.

  4. The players will set their games to the rolled sequence and the agreed upon level and push start simultaneously at the prompt of the referee. Referees will settle any disputes.

  5. The player with the highest score wins. If one player tops-out and the other player already has a higher score, the game is finished. If one player tops-out and the other player has a lower score, that player will continue until they either top-out (having lost) or exceed the other player’s score, winning the game.

  6. If a player pauses the game or causes the machine to malfunction (e.g. yanking on controller) they will lose that game. If the console or TV malfunctions on its own and the player is within 300k points of their opponent the game will be replayed.

The tournament will consist of three rounds. The final round (Round Three) will be first to win 3 games (best 3 out of 5).

V) Payout

Grand Prize will be $100 and a trip to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo to compete in the Tetris Classic World Championships. Trip will include airfare, hotel for the event, and free entry and a first attempt for the Tetris Classic World Championships.