Super FamiCOn Scholarship Program


With tournaments, cosplay, vendors, musicians, guests, artists, and more, Super FamiCon 2017 is a video game fan convention designed to celebrate Video Game Culture. And we feel that one of the biggest driving forces in US gaming culture are the Gaming, E-sports, Technology, Comic Book, Art & Design, Anime, and Japanese Culture clubs in American High Schools and Middle Schools across the country.

That is why we at Super FamiCon are offering FREE SCHOLARSHIPS for the student members and faculty advisors High School and Middle School clubs to attend our convention FREE OF CHARGE. This program is limited to Public Middle Schools, High Schools, Early Colleges, and Charter Schools only. To take advantage of this fantastic educational and cultural opportunity, fill out the form below.

Must be a public institution, grades 4-12 in order to be eligible.
Faculty Advisor Name *
Faculty Advisor Name
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Must be at least five or more attendees.
Will any of your attendees wish to compete in tournaments for Super Smash Bros Melee or Super Smash Bros. WiiU?