The tournament will be double elimination best of three until finals which are best of five.

II) Match Setup

Players are responsible for ensuring that their battles adhere to any restrictions set forth by the tournament rules document. The rules and restrictions that follow are considered the “Standard format.”

      2.1. LAN Battle

o Official Pokkén Tournament Championship Series events will use the LAN Battle format. This format can be unlocked by connecting two Nintendo Wii U™ consoles with a LAN cable and holding down the L Button, the R Button, down on the +Control Pad, and then pressing the Start Button. The Tournament Organizer will be responsible for ensuring the Wii U consoles are correctly connected for LAN Battles to occur. Players are responsible for ensuring the LAN Battle option is selected for setting up their match.

      2.2. Player Data

o Players must decline the use of Player Data.

      2.3. Matches, Games, and Rounds

o A match will be best 2-of-3 games unless otherwise designated by the Tournament Organizer.

o Players will be limited to 60 seconds to select their Battle Pokémon between games.

o A game will be best 2-of-3 rounds. ▪ Round time: 80 seconds ▪ Support Pokémon selection time: 10 seconds o Pokkén Tournament in LAN Battle format will automatically resolve round time-outs by awarding a round Win to the player with the highest percent HP remaining.

o If a game ends in a Draw, the game will be replayed.

      2.4. Stage Select

o The Stage will be set to “Fixed Battle Arena.”

      2.5. Skill Level

o The Skill Level will be set to “Off.”

      2.6. Controller Settings

o Players may map buttons using the controller settings option. Players are limited to 30 seconds to map buttons. Controller settings may not be changed once a game has started. Players are responsible for confirming their controller settings.

      2.7. Battle Pokémon

o All characters are legal.

      2.8. Support Pokémon

o All Supports are legal.

      2.9. Cheer Skill Selection

o The following Cheer Skills are legal for use. Standard Synergy Focused Pressure Focused Support Focused Special Whimsical

III) Equipment Rules

      3.1. Game System

o Players at European events will compete on the PAL region Switch.

o Players at North American events will compete on the NTSC-U region Switch.

o Players at the World Championships will compete on the NTSC-U region Switch.

      3.2. Game Patches and Updates

o Tournament Organizers are responsible for ensuring that the latest game and Wii U updates are downloaded prior to the start of the tournament.

      3.3. Controllers

o Only the wired Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad controller is legal for use.

     ▪ Masters Division: Players are responsible to bring their own controller.

     ▪ Senior Division: Controllers will be available for use by the Tournament Organizer.

      3.4. Headphone Use

o Headphones may be worn by players only if they are wired. The headphone wire must be clearly visible.

      3.5. Objects in Play Area and Attire

o Players are permitted to have good luck charms or objects in the play space but must keep the play space neat. Players must also follow section 6 for attire in the Play! Pokémon General Event Rules document.

      3.6. Equipment Failure

o If a TV, console, or copy of Pokkén Tournament malfunctions, loses power, or is interrupted due to circumstances outside the player’s control such that the current game cannot be completed, then the players will replay the current game. Players must use the same Pokémon, Support Pokémon, and Cheer Skill for a replayed game.

o Issues with a console or copy of Pokkén Tournament, such as a disk read error, should be immediately reported to a Judge or the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer will facilitate replacing the equipment or moving the match in progress to another station.

o Players may not commit any action that would result in a TV, console, or copy of Pokkén Tournament malfunctioning or interrupting. Examples include attempting to sync a wireless controller with a console, intentionally damaging equipment, or changing settings that render the TV or console unusable.

o If a player’s controller fails or malfunctions during the course of a round, they may attempt to change equipment but the game in progress cannot be paused and the result of the ongoing round and game will remain. It is the player’s responsibility to maintain equipment in working condition.

IV) Match Play

      4.1. Match Progression

o Matches are best 2-of-3 games unless otherwise designated by the Tournament Organizer.

    ▪ Games are best 2-of-3 rounds.

o For the first game of a match, both players may choose any Pokémon to battle.

o For all other games, the winner of the previous game must remain the same Pokémon while the loser may change their Pokémon. If the winner of the previous game selected “Random” as their character, they must remain “Random.”

o Support Pokémon may be changed by both players before each game and between rounds.

o Cheer Skills may be changed by both players before each game.

      4.2. Double-Blind Character Selection

o For the first game of a match, players may call a Judge to perform a double-blind character selection. This is done as follows:

     1. Player A whispers to the Judge their intended character

     2. Player B selects their character

     3. Player A selects their character and the Judge confirms

o Once either player chooses a character, neither player is allowed to request that doubleblind character selection be used.

V) Penalty Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the players to maintain the match rules at all times and to report rule violations to a Judge promptly. Players must report rule violations before the start of their next game. If a violation occurs during a game, players should complete the game without interruption and then report the violation to a Judge.

      5.1. Penalty Types

o Caution

▪ Verbal warning to inform the player that they did something wrong.

o Warning

▪ Must be reported to Pokémon Organized Play by the Head Judge or Tournament Organizer of the event in which they occur.

o Game Loss

▪ Game loss for the current game (or next immediate game in best of three). If the penalty is issued between matches, the penalty will be applied to the player’s next match.

o Disqualification

▪ Players who receive this penalty are removed from the tournament and become ineligible to receive any prizes.

      4.2. Game Play Errors

o Minor

     ▪ Taking excessive time between games or during game setup.

     ▪ Using headphones that are not wired.

     ▪ Failing to promptly report equipment issues.

     ▪ Excessively distracting the opponent verbally.

          • Recommended Penalty

               o Tier 1 – Caution

               o Tier 2 – Warning

               o Tier 3 – Game loss for the current game (or next game in best of three)

o Major

     ▪ Attempting to stop a game in progress by physically interrupting the opponent.

     ▪ Playing with a controller that is not legal.

     ▪ Failure to remain the same Pokémon following a game win.

          • Recommended penalty

               o Tier 1 – Game loss for the current game

               o Tier 2 – Disqualification

VI) General Event Rules

6.1. Play! Pokémon General Event Rules

o The following sections from the Play! Pokémon General Event Rules shall apply to Pokkén Tournament Championship Series competitions unless otherwise stated by the Tournament Organizer. These sections have penalty guidelines separate from the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series Rules document that will still be enforced.

     ▪ 1. The Spirit of the Game

     ▪ 2. Membership and Eligibility

     ▪ 4. Wagering and Sales

     ▪ 5. Publishing Tournament Information

     ▪ 6. Tournament Responsibilities

     ▪ 7. Tardiness

     ▪ 10. Match Outcome

     ▪ 13. Penalties

VII) Payouts

Games below 100 entrants: 60/20/10

Games below 12 entrants: 80 / 20