Got a great idea for a panel, presentation, performance, or live-entertainment event that you would like to present at Super FamiCon? Fill out this form! We are accepting Panel Submissions from anyone who is 18 or older. Submissions are carefully evaluated both individually and against similar types of proposals. To help focus your proposal, here is a list of helpful guidelines!

We are looking for panels that:

  • Directly involve any aspect of video gaming. Super FamiCon previously focused primarily on Nintendo properties in our programming, however as we expand, we believe a well-planned proposal that features any topic related to video gaming, video gaming culture, video game collecting, the video game lifestyle, video game history, or any aspect of video game fandom will be considered.
  • Are well-planned and have supporting materials. The proposal is our first glimpse of how you communicate and what you want to do at Super FamiCon. Make sure it’s well-written and try to include evidence that the panel will be successful. 
  • Are engaging and interactive. We like lectures, too, but a proposal that introduces a creative way to communicate with the audience really catches our eyes.

NOTE: Super FamiCon is not currently accepting panels that involve excessive swearing, racial slurs of any kind, hate speech, misogyny, homophobia, or explicitly sexual themes. We are also not accepting Speed Dating panels, typically. However, if the proposal is great, we might be willing to consider reversing the latter decision.

What would we call your panel in all marketing and scheduling materials?
This is the description we will use in our panel guide, so try to make it compelling. Also be sure to use spellcheck!
Pitch us your topic in detail. Please mention what you will be discussing or doing as part of your panel, how it will be presented, and if your panel has any interactive elements, please let us know how they will be presented.
Stage name.