Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

1.) Format

The tournament will be double elimination, best of three until winners top 4 and losers top 4.

2.) Match Settings

The rules for each race are:

  • 150 CC

  • Items on

  • No COMS

  • Auto accelerate optional

3.) Stage Selection
Both players play Rock, Paper Scissors until there is a winner. Winner decides the cup. The loser decides the first strike, the winner decides the second strike, the loser decides the final strike and the first game is played on the remaining course within the cup. The loser of the next game decides the cup and the players strike until one course is left.

4.) Finals
1v1 Tournament will continue until we reach the Top 8 Players. Top 8 will then engage in a 8-player LAN event across all 48 tracks in the game. Players will vie for points earned during every race based on the following system: 1st gets 8 points, 2nd gets 7 points, 3rd gets 6 points, and so on. Player who scores the most points at the end of all 48 tracks wins.

5.) Payouts

Games below 100 entrants: 60/20/10

Games below 12 entrants: 80 / 20