GoldenEye 64 (Nintendo 64)

I) Format

The tournament will be double elimination best of five

II) Match settings

Stage Selection: Random Room

Radar ON

Normal Mode (No one hit kill/License to kill)

No Oddjob

No cheats

No Slaps

No Golden Gun

~1 on 1, 5 Minute Durations, which calls for a 2 kill minimum.

Here's how the weapons will go: they will be based on rounds (assuming there are 32 people and 5 rounds, which is subject to change):

Round 1: Power Weapons

Round 2: Golden Gun

Round 3: Automatics

Round 4: Throwing Knives

Championship Round: Pistols

III) Payouts:

Games below 100 entrants: 60/20/10

Games below 12 entrants: 80 / 20