ARMS (Nintendo Switch)


I) Format
Best Out of Two, Double Elimination

II) Settings

  • Style: Solo
  • Time: 99 Seconds
  • Winner: First Two Two
  • Items: Off
  • HP: Normal
  • Rush Guage: Normal
  • COM Players: No COM

III) Stage Selection
Stages will be stricken via Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner strikes one stage and the loser strikes 2 stages then the winner picks the stage out of the 2 stages left. After a set the winner strikes 1 stage and then the loser picks the stage. Then pick your character.

IV) Legal Stages
The legal stages are Spring Stadium, Buster Beach, DNA Lab, Ramen Bowl, Mausoleum.
And there will be no custom arms you must use the characters default set of arms.

V) Payouts

Games below 100 entrants: 60/20/10

Games below 12 entrants: 80 / 20